Homes and buildings are complex structures combining multiple systems and an endless list of materials. Creating properly functioning and healthy buildings takes an understanding how each material functions as well as how they work together. Through years of experience in construction, inspecting and advanced study of structures, I have gained insight into how buildings age and how they need to be maintained.

My consulting services help homeowners, commercial investors and real estate professionals solve problems and find answers to their concerns. Services include inspections to identify problems, their cause and provide plans for repairs, maintenance and work orders.

Single-family homes, apartment complexes and condominium projects need expertise to identify the scope of work required for maintenance and repairs. I prepare work orders, allowing for multiple contractors to bid on the same work and offer comparable bids, ensuring cost control. I conduct follow-up inspections to make sure work was properly executed and is completed before my client pays the final sum for the project.

I work with apartment property owners and Home Owners Associations to provide maintenance programs and identify upkeep and repairs to keep projects in good working order. Major rebuilding and repair projects need an owner representative to protect their best interests and investments.

Contractors employ me to help analyze properties, prior to investing in projects, to identify hazardous materials, wood destroying organism issues, as well as general feasibility concerns.

I can provide you with my years of experience and extensive knowledge to help answer your questions, address your concerns and provide solutions regarding homes and buildings.

Consulting Services

Problem Solving & Single Item Inspections

  • Water intrusion
  • Drainage problems
  • Settling
  • Movement
  • Wood destroying organisms
  • Odor and noise
  • Building components

Indoor air quality and hazardous material issues

  • Identification and sampling
  • Specialist referrals

Energy and Comfort Assessments

  • Heat loss
  • Air sealing
  • Insulation recommendations

Maintenance Plans and Schedules

  • Individual schedules for seasonal and ongoing home and building maintenance
  • Long term planning and referrals

Remodel planning and options

  • Feasibility studies
  • Design and structural considerations
  • Accessibility and aging in place planning

Project Completion & Contract Follow-up Inspections

Owner representative for builder and architectural agreements, inspections prior to final payment to contractors for remodeling, new construction, roofing, etc.

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