Home Inspections

The home inspection is an important and vital component in the process of buying and owning real estate.  Two components are involved. The first is a physical walk through of the property, the inspection itself. The second is the written report listing the current issues to consider when weighing the pros and cons of the property and what other costs may be involved with ownership.

The typical residential inspection is a three to four hour on site investigation. The house is systematically analyzed for its current condition as well as the potential effects of aging and time. The client is encouraged to accompany the inspector during the inspection, to better understand the structure, its condition, maintenance and recommended upgrades.

The report can be of various formats, depending on the needs of the buyer, owner or investor as well as the type of property. Typically a narrative report is used, including pictures of the major flaws and issues.

Both components are designed to educate the buyer, with a thorough understanding of the structure for a more informed decision.

Commercial and Multifamily Inspections

Commercial building inspections for buyers, including a foundation to roofing listing of current conditions and recommendations. For building owners wanting an up to date assessment of current conditions and for potential leases holders negotiating for maintenance and upgrades.

Condominium Home Owners Association inspections for identifying current conditions, needed maintenance and expected life spans for budget planning. Help in prioritizing needed repairs for budget planning.

Apartment owners & buyers inspections to identify issues regarding needed upgrades, maintenance and individual unit conditions. Potential buyers receive an overview of the project as well as individual item assessments of all building components.

All inspections and reports are tailored to the individual needs of owners and buyers.

Inspection Services

  • Home buyers inspections
  • Home owners inspections
  • Full home inspection, foundation to roof
  • Structural pest inspection, wood destroying organisms
  • New home and construction builder punch lists / completion work orders
  • Commercial building inspections
  • Multifamily building inspections

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